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It’s an undisputable fact that all winners have a coach. Anyone who has achieved great success at a high level has done so by recognizing that it’s impossible to reach the top alone and so, have chosen to surround themselves with the very best people – all with the common goal of reaching the pinnacle.
To be best placed in choosing your coach, Anthony advises asking the following questions…

  1. Is there a match of personalities? Meet the coach you may be considering engaging and ask searching questions in order to learn who they are, where they’ve come from, what results they’ve achieved for clients and most importantly, how they’ll be able to help you. The last thing you want to realise upon making the commitment to a business coach are having commenced a program with them, is that it’s not the right fit.
  2. What experience do they have as a business coach? Knowing how to make a business successful is one thing but being able to coach someone to implement the right strategies, keep them motivated, focused and accountable is another thing entirely. Business coaching is a unique skill.
  3. What results have they had for their clients?
  4. What guarantees do they offer?
  5. What business coaching experience do they have?
  6. What are their goals?
  7. What are their achievements?