The Job 99% of Business Owners Would Rather Not Do


General Norman Schwartzkopf once said, “When placed in command – take charge”. In other words if you are the one to help others achieve their best in a particular situation then get busy.

Leadership is one of those words which gets bandied about a lot in business development literature. Everybody “knows” that being a great leader is an important part of growing a great business. But what does being a great leader really mean and why is it so important.

Being a great leader really means that you have made a decision to become part of 1% of the population. The vast majority find it much easier to follow along behind someone else. Great leaders are scarce, which is why great businesses are scarce. Can’t have one without the other. Which is the reason that being a great leader is so important. No business ever achieved its full potential without being driven by amazing leadership.

Great leaders possess many traits – more than will be discussed in this article. However here are a few to consider

Leaders have honed the skill of listening – they know that there is many more gold nuggets to be found below the surface than what is evident at the top. So they take the time to ask quality questions and then invest quality time listening to the answers.

Leaders are disciplined. Self disciplined that is. The most powerful thing to understand as a leader is people are more likely to do as you do, and respond less so to what you say. If you are the leader who is on time, fit, healthy, enthusiastic, positive, focussed, excited, has goals, is self-motivated and loves what they do; than you are in the box seat to be surrounded by people who aspire to be the same. Of course this works for every level of discipline that you habitually live by. So expect leading others to be a whole lot different if you like to show up late, miss targets and deadlines, go for a red bull rather than a run, love to complain about others, fly by the seat of your pants and spend hours watching television rather than reading books.

Leaders know where they are going, are are really buzzed about getting there.  They see problems as obstacles (often minor) on the journey of achieving greatness, where others will just see roadblocks.  They are excellent at clarifying the vision for those around them and creating excitement about achieving it as a team.

Great leaders are hungry to learn more.  They constantly find opportunities to expand their knowledge, skills, experience and comfort zone.  They know that by achieving mental growth it will soon become evident in other areas of their life.

Great leaders are confident and help others to become great leaders.  Your business can not get to where you want it to be by having just one leader and a bunch of followers.  Start educating everyone around you to become leaders in their area of expertise.  If they are the best at converting sales in your business – then they become the sales leader in your organisation.

Have you been put in a position of command?  Are you the owner of your business and leading it to greater heights?  Or are you waiting for someone else to come along so that you can do what they tell you.  Be the great leader you know that you are and take charge today.

Make this week a prosperous one.

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