The Power of 1%


If you are a driven entrepreneur/business owner, then you may have at some time or another felt the frustration about things just aren’t happening FAST enough.

You want results……and NOW!

Things can happen fast – and results come quickly sometimes. When all the planets align, the dice rolls your way, and luck and opportunity decide to get along on that day.

For the most part though – the best way to build your business is by taking stock of everything you have available to you that you can improve on. Your sales and marketing systems and process. Your financial data and reporting. Your team training approach. Your customer service standards. The list is actually huge.

Your job is not to completely change things that you are doing. Your job is to improve them. Constantly. Everyday make and improvement. Teach your team members to think along the same way. With 10 team members all aiming to improve things (even just a tiny bit) every day – after 10 days you have improved 100 things.

Granted those 100 changes may only contribute to a 1% improvement in your overall business. But you do have another 10 days coming your way to repeat the process.

The tortoise taught a great lesson when he raced the hare. The best businesses know this lesson and work on it every day.

Make it a prosperous week.

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