The days of a business owner can be long.  And many.  Possibly so long and so many that it becomes a bit harder to get out of bed somedays.  You can feel the passion that you once had starting to slip.

There is no doubt – a key ingredient of success in building a business relies heavily on the drive of the owner.  If it starts to wane the consequences for the business can be catastrophic.  If there is no adequate momentum built in the combination of great fundamentals, solid systems, high and high performing team members – then the business will start to head down rather than up.

So how to keep Driven.

It starts with you.  Make a list of everything that makes you tick.  What gets you really pumped and excited.  What helps you increase your confidence.  What gives you a quiet sense of achievement.  What gives you a “yell from the rooftops” sense of achievement.  What makes you feels healthy, fit and full of energy.  What makes you feel ten foot tall and bulletproof.

The chances are that the answers to a few of these questions may not come from activities that are required by you in the business.  And the reason that you may be losing some of the drive that you once had is because you are neglecting yourself in favour of the business.

So once you have completed your list – start to schedule the things that you wrote down into your ideal week.  If riding your mountain bike down a fast twisting trail makes you feel alive and amazing – then do it more often.  If making a freshly squeezed juice every morning makes you feel healthy – then do it every morning.

If you business is relying on you to reach its full potential – then you are the VIP team member.  You deserve to be getting the best so that you can give your best.

Get out there and drive your business…. and make it a prosperous week.




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